The best ideas come from the border between need and passion.

Commitment and hard work can turn the idea into a unique object or event. And that’s exactly what happened with aleWorek!

Dad of Adrianna Wołczyk, the company’s founder and owner, started to make bread at home – delicious, fragrant, crispy and healthy! Unfortunately, storage caused it to lose its best qualities. Adrianna decided to help her dad out. She combined her talent for sewing with knowledge on extraordinary properties of linen and sewed her first bread bag. Since linen is perfect for storing baked goods and lasts a lifetime, the same bread bag adorns the kitchen table in Adrianna’s childhood home to this day.

Sewing quickly became living after that. New trends were created and new people appeared, bringing their own brave ideas with them. The tiny, one-person linen manufacture transformed into a bustling workshop. This way, in 2012, workshop ADKA and aleWorek brand appeared in the world.

Got any ideas? We sew solutions.

AleWorek – will you PACK in?

ADKA – artistic, detailed, creative… Adrianne – the founder and the boss. The brain and the heart of our organism. Confidently and charmingly walked into the business world, making space in it for unique products. Loves linen and believes in its power. Keeps up with fashion. A great strategists.

In her everyday work, Adrianne is supported by a great team that shares:

Love for textiles.
Knowledge as the basis of creation.
Need for creating beautiful and lasting things.
Respect towards natural environment.
Distrust towards plastic.
Faith in linen.

What do we do?

Our company is called AleWorek (Eng. What A Bag), since we sew bags!
As well as all kinds of textile gadgets, environmentally-friendly reusable packagings (both every day and special ones), and trendy pump bags.

We sew – your ideas.

For the last few years, we have been sewing – the best we can – your ideas.
With faith our propositions will become your solutions.
Continuously using the best materials!
Happily. Passionately. With heart.
From the love to natural environment.
With hope you will join us… For good!

Our motto!

We sew well, live wisely, talk sincerely and work honestly.